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Light painting By Dave Lawicka

Dave Lawicka and GetPixelized Photography specializes in CUSTOM ONE-OF-A-KIND Light Painting photographs. Light Painting (or painting with light) is a technique of using off camera lighting (flash lights, LED light panels, Spot lights and light wands) to create a layering of lighting and shadows that simply cannot be achieved with traditional strobes or flashes. Routinely as many as 100-300 +/- images are taken “in camera’ and then processed in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop before being “Layered” into ONE final image. The FINAL image becomes a one of a kind image that is almost impossible to exactly replicate. These images when dye sublimated (printed) onto metal make the image practiaclly “Jump Off The Wall.” The final result is a ONE-OF-A-KIND piece of art worthy of showcasing in your home. Just a few of the subjects I have recently photographed to create a Light Painting have been; Cars, Motorcycles, Airplanes, Police Officer Duty Gear, Businesses (inside and out), Wedding Props and Attire, Products (Wine and cheese), Sports Gear, Homes, and the list goes on. You want it, I can light paint it. Please have a look through my Light Painting Gallery to find your idea or inspiration. Then you too can schedule a photoshoot with just about ANY subject matter to be turned into your own ONE-OF-A-KIND Custom Light Painting photograph.